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Measurement technologies for medical compressed air

Safety of Production

Monitoring of industrial compressed air, gas and compressed air treatment plants

Analysis and Advice

We make measurement of compressed air and gases easy

- Classify compressed air according to ISO 8573.1
for industrial, food, pharmaceutical and medical technology.

Andjana Instruments Provides Safe Compressed Air Quality - Air Quality Monitoring - Behind Compressors - Filtering - Activated Carbon - Measuring Residual Oil Content and More:

  • Comprehensive Modular Compressed Air and Gases Oil content monitoring
  • volumetric flow
  • pressure dewpoint, humidity
  • particle measurement,
  • pressure, temperature, gas, emissions with optional data acquisition, and more
  • Remote diagnosis according to HACCP - GMP and others FDA requirements, ISO8573, EN12021 breathing air
  • validated data records according to FDA 21 Part 11 with audit trail
  • Metrological safety for industrial and Hospital - Breathing Air Systems - Laboratory / Cleanroom
  • Medical hospital breathing air systems according to the ISO 7396 - European Pharma Copeea
  • Risk monitoring for medical compressed air - in-house production in accordance with the German Medicines Act
  • Quality control for medical gases - oxygen - nitrogen - compressed air from own production
  • Standard and CE conformity assessments for medical gas supply systems
  • Job measurements, calibration service and service

Make quality visible
Quality can be seen - by being recorded! This allows you to track the measured values simply and in real-time and, if necessary, immediately initiate the necessary measures.
The monitoring system from Andjana Instruments continuously monitors the flowing compressed air up to the range of one thousandth of a mg / m3 on the residual oil content and thus helps you to analyze and control the compressed air quality.

  Factors influencing residual oil content in compressed air

  • Hydrocarbon-containing intake air enters the compressed air circuit
  • Oil-cooled compressors contaminate the compressed air
  • Saturated activated carbon can no longer absorb oil
  • Sealing rings on the outlet side of activated carbon absorbers are greased
  • Dirt on downstream equipment such as piping, filters and valves
  • Valves may contain greases and oils

We give oil in compressed air no chance!

Mastering process technology, control industrial plants and ensure productivity.


Online monitoring of oil content in compressed air and gases


Permanent gas content measurement in compressed air - detects oil aerosols and oil vapor


Monitoring of medical breathing air, according to the European Pharmacopoeia.


Industrial breathing air monitoring: made compressed air as breathing air safely and easily


Measure oil content and pressure dew point - prevent contamination and microbial contamination

OilGuard Service Tool

Mobile online monitoring of oil content in the compressed air and gases for the service technician

VOC measurement

Monitoring volatile hydrocarbons


Dew point measurement and humidity measurement in compressed air and gas